“What is Upliftd?”

Let’s Get Digital with KHCB!

“So, exactly what is Upliftd? And, uh… did you guys misspell it?” 

If you’ve asked these questions, whether out loud or in your head, we want you to know you’re not alone. We may have been asked these questions a few times from people working with us to create content for Upliftd. And by a few times, we mean, a whole lotta times

But, it’s all good. Seriously!

And to answer one of your questions…well, no. We didn’t misspell it. I mean, we did…but we did it on purpose. 

You know, like the creators of Lyft, Flickr, Chick-fil-A, Cheez Whiz, or delicious cereal brands like Froot Loops and Trix (we prefer both with marshmellows) all ‘misspelled’ their brands. We wanted to create a memorable name for what we believe will be a memorable, God-centered and truly uplifting and inspiring ministry. 

So, we came up with Upliftd, without the ‘e’, and we are really excited to be a part of something that is going to impact generations to come just as KHCB radio has impacted so many generations before.

Brief History

For the past 60 years KHCB (Keeping Him Close By, 105.7 in Houston) has been committed to sharing the Gospel on radio through biblically-grounded teaching and music. 

Recently, our Board of Trustees felt the need to establish and develop a digital ministry that represents and extends KHCB’s current ministry. As such, plans were made to make and continually create new content that will target and reach a younger audience, specifically young and middle-aged adults. After much prayer and consideration, we are excited to call this addition to KHCB, “Upliftd.”

So, what is UpliftdTM? 

If you were going to check out a lifestyle brand with a name like ‘Upliftd’, what would you expect? Probably something that when experiencing it, or after experiencing it, you’re left feeling better. Even good, like you can finally move forward from your past or even your present. Or like you’ve rediscovered your purpose and meaning.

Less oppressed and more enabled.

Less lonely and more connected. 

Less judged, and more understood. 

Less incapable and more like a conqueror! 

Your glass is ½ full, not ½ empty. The issues and problems staring you in the face, no matter how impossible they seem, are both common and surmountable. The struggles you’ve given into for so long are reminders that you are not perfect, but that God is present, and help is here. 

This is exactly what Upliftd is meant to be! Upliftd was created to be a reminder that God’s not done with you. Not even in the slightest. That in, and through, and by Jesus Christ – His Son in which we have salvation and can live a full and meaningful life – YOU can be exactly who God created you to be, not a finished product, but one that is bringing glory to the Lord and impacting the lives of everyone around them. 

With Upliftd, you will find biblically-based, dynamic, relevant, and life-giving content that impacts you and thus, those around you. We are doing this through several different types of content that you will see all over the new KHCB website and app, including articles, videos, podcasts, and more! 

Our goal comes from our belief that God, through Jesus, wants us all to Live. Life. Upliftd! 

And we can’t wait to see and hear how God is doing that in your life through Upliftd.

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