We are taking individual credit card donations (VISA, MC, and Discover) and bank withdrawals on the website. If you want to set up a recurring gift securely with KHCB, please call the station at 713-520-5200

STEP A: Respond to the five prompts below and click on the button to update the values in STEP B.


Is this a credit card donation or a bank donation?

 CC - Credit Card
 ECHECK - Bank Withdrawal

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Do you want a mailed receipt or just an End of Year receipt?

 End of Year Receipt Only
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STEP B: Verify your answers below. The amount must be correct in the area below before proceeding to the secure page.


Type of Withdrawal:

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Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund Donation:

Note: You will receive a tax receipt in the regular mail. (unless you have selected End of Year Receipt Only) If you would also like an immediate e-mail receipt of this transaction, please ensure that your e-mail is entered in the "Email" field on the secure page.

STEP C: Click the button below to proceed.